Clubs - Semester 1 2021/22


Attention Parents/Guardians, Clubs are now available to sign up your child(ren). There are only internal club options available this term. Clubs begin on Tuesday, October 5th 2021. Payment is due on or before Friday October 1st with payment made to the finance department or via bank transfer. Please note that clubs will only occur on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. If a payment is made via Bank transfer, please email your receipt to with your childs Name, ID number, Class and Chosen Club. Sports Team information is available here Please note that if you sign up for a club, and then decide to play on a sports team instead, a refund will not be given for the club. Sports information will be provided later in the year if we are permitted to play sports by the government. ***Clubs need a minimum of 5 students to run, if your chosen club does not run, an alternative option will be provided.*** Please sign up for a club via the form at the end of the page. Thank you.


เรียน ผู้ปกครองทุกท่าน

ทางโรงเรียนได้เปิดให้ท่านสามารถลงทะเบียนเพื่อเรียนคลับหลังเลิกเรียนได้แล้ว ซึ่งในเทอมการศึกษานี้จะเป็นคลับภายในเท่านั้น ซึ่งคลับจะเริ่มในวันอังคารที่ 2 กุมภาพันธ์ 2564

โดยท่านสามารถชำระได้ที่แผนกการเงิน ภายในวันที่ 28 มกราคม 2564 หรือท่านสามารถโอนได้เช่นเดียวกัน และขอเรียนแจ้งว่า คลับหลังเลิกเรียนจะมีเฉพาะวันอังคาร วันพุธ และวันพฤหัสบดี

ท่านสามารถดูรายละเอียดของทีมกีฬาได้ที่ และขอเรียนแจ้งท่านว่าหากนักเรียนได้ลงคลับและต้องการเปลี่ยนมาลงทีมกีฬาแทน ทางโรงเรียนจะไม่สามารถคืนค่าคลับได้

*** แต่ละคลับจะต้องมีนักเรียนลงทะเบียนอย่างน้อย 5 คน หากไม่ถึงทางโรงเรียนจะจัดคลับอื่น ๆ ให้***


โรงเรียนนานาชาติยูนิตี้ คอนคอร์ด


请注意家长/监护人, 现在可以为您的孩子报名课后的俱乐部了。本学期只有校内俱乐部可选。俱乐部将于2021年2月2日星期二正式开始。

交费应在2021年1月28日之前完成,需要您到财务部门或通过银行转账交费。请注意,俱乐部仅在每周的星期二,星期三和星期四举行。 有关学校运动队的信息,请访问这里查看请注意,如果您报名了俱乐部,然后决定加入运动队训练,该俱乐部费用将不予退款。 ***俱乐部至少需要5名学生报名才能开班,如果您选择的俱乐部没有开班,我们将提供其他替代俱乐部供您选择。*** 请通过页面末尾的表格报名俱乐部。 谢谢。


학부모/가디언님들께 학생들은 현재 클럽을 신청할 수 있습니다. 이번 학기에는 내부 클럽 옵션만 있습니다. 클럽은 2021년 2 월 2 일 (화)에 시작됩니다. 클럽비 납부는 2021년 1 월 28 일(목)까지 재정부에서 지불해 주시거나 은행 송금을 통해 지불해 주시기 바랍니다. 클럽은 화요일, 수요일, 목요일에만 진행됩니다. 스포츠 팀 정보는여기(에서 확인할 수 있습니다. 클럽에 가입한 후 클럽 대신 스포츠 팀에서 플레이하기로 결정한 경우 클럽비 환불은 불가능합니다. *** 각 클럽 운영은 클럽 당 최소 5 명의 학생이 신청한 경우에 가능합니다. 자녀가 선택한 클럽에 최소인원이 채워지지 않아 그 클럽이 운영되지 않는 경우 대체 옵션이 제공됩니다. *** 이 페이지 끝에 있는 양식을 통해 클럽 신청을 해 주십시오. 감사합니다.

StoryTime Club

Storytime club will help to develop the student's reading, writing, and creative abilities. We would focus on constructing stories. Students will learn how to develop characters, settings, and events. We would also learn how to develop narrative arcs and character development. This club would also help students develop confidence when reading, writing, and speaking in English.

Swing Dance Club

Swing dance is a group of dances that developed in New York City in the 1920's - 1940's. I will teach you the basic Lindy Hop footwork and fun moves! We will dance to different styles of music such as Lindy, Charleston, Rock'N'Roll and much more! Dance First. Think later. It's a natural order!

Chess Club

Chess club is a place where all ages will come and play chess. It is open to complete beginners or experts. We will meet in a classroom and play chess with someone in your same skill level. The instructor will be watching games, giving strategy tips and encouraging students.

Film Club

In Film Club we will be watching iconic movies and talking about how they were put together. We will analyze things like the acting, how the films were written, and what was done with lighting, music, and camerawork to influence the audience without them realizing it. Of course, we will need to eat snacks and enjoy ourselves while we are doing this because MOVIES!

Personal Finance Club

- This club will address topics that relate to financial literacy, personal finance, investing, entrepreneurship. - One main feature of the club will be reading, reviewing, English discussion of the book Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Yoga Club

Yoga is an ancient practice designed to bring flexibility and strength to both your body and mind. We will learn the fundamentals of the physical and mental practices along with control of breathing and meditation, with the goal of developing a personal practice that will offer lifelong benefits for the student.

Club Booking
Upload Payment Slip

Thank you. Clubs will be confirmed by February 1st

To make payment online, we have PromptPay, Bangkok Bank, or Siam Bank options. Please upload the payment slip as requested in the form above.

  1. Siam Commercial Bank (Big C Chiang Mai, Don Jan Branch

    • Account Name: Unity Concord International School

    • Account Number: 842-232142-0                            

  2. Bangkok Bank (San Pa Khoi Branch)

    • Account Name: Unity Concord International School

    • Account Number: 253-4-56110-1

  3. Please contact the Finance department after making the transfer
    Tel 052-135-061 ex 102  
    Please give student name, club and date to start, or contact the Chinese or Korean coordinator.